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Lumbee Farmers and Producers, Please Complete the Lumbee Ag Producer Survey

Lumbee Farmers and Producers, please help us as we work to help our farm families by completing the Lumbee Ag Producer Survey. The Lumbee Tribe's Agriculture and Natural Resources Department is our newest department. It is dedicated to supporting Lumbee Agricultural Producers and promoting the Tribe's agricultural way of life.

The purpose of this survey is to better learn who our farmers and producers are and how we can best serve you. If you would like to be listed in our Lumbee Producers Directory, please answer yes to Question #1. This will allow us to publish your farm name, contact information, type of commodities (food, animals, etc.) produced, and if you sell directly to consumers. All other information will remain confidential and compiled data will exclude identifying information.

Whether you are farming on a large scale or just growing for your family, we hope all of our farm families will complete this survey. Please only complete one survey per farm. You may scan the QR code here or click this link


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