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Lumbee Ambassadors Coronation Ball 2022

Congratulations to the Lumbee Ambassadors who were sworn in on Sunday evening at the Lumbee Ambassadors 2022 Coronation Ball. The event was hosted by LRDA (Lumbee Regional Development Association) and the Lumbee Tribe of N.C. The Honorable Judge Brooke Clark presented the oath to Senior Ms. Lumbee Sharon McNeill Burnette, Little Miss Lumbee Jakayleigh Lambert, Junior Miss Lumbee Keely Deal, Teen Miss Lumbee Anna Hunt and Miss Lumbee Mahlea Hunt. The event also included a Miss Lumbee Unity Candle Ceremony, which included former Miss Lumbees' as well as a father-daughter dance. Thank you to everyone who made the event special for our Lumbee Ambassadors and their families. We wish them well as they prepare to travel the globe to represent our Lumbee People.


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