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Duke Researcher Ryan Emanuel Helps with Health of Cultural Center Lake

As we welcome families back to the Lumbee Tribe Cultural Center Lake, it is wonderful to have Lumbee Researchers and partners to make sure the water quality is good for our tribal citizens. In April, Dr. Ryan Emanuel, Associate Professor, Duke University and Nicholas School of the Environment installed a weather station to monitor air and soil temperatures, rainfall, soil moisture, wind speed, and several other variables at the lake. Last week, he weathered the heat to install another station on the lake to monitor the water level and a few water quality variables.  

Both of these stations have wireless connectivity, which means that the Duke researchers and staff at the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department can access the station remotely to check on current conditions or download recent data.  They hope both of these stations will provide useful information about environmental conditions at the cultural center and over time, they will be able to track changes to environmental conditions around the cultural center.


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