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Lumbee Tribe hosts Robeson Technical Works Meeting

Robeson Technical Works held their meeting at the Lumbee Tribe on Thursday, September 22nd. Topics of discussion included Project ACCESS, Robeson County’s unemployment rate, and incentives for students to achieve high school graduation and higher education.

Robeson Technical Works represents a partnership that is between local business entrepreneurs, industrial employers, Southeastern Human Resources Association, educators and other various group representatives.

Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin Jr. expressed the need for community partners in getting students and community more involved in higher education and employment opportunities. In moving forward with these issues, the Lumbee Tribe hopes to break down some of these barriers by implementing the program Project ACCESS.

Project ACCESS is a program that has been initiated by the Lumbee Tribe. We have partnered with the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Robeson Community College and the Public Schools of Robeson County in promoting higher education among Robeson County youth.

For more information, please contact the Lumbee Tribe at (910) 521-7861.


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