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16th Annual Saddletree Powwow brings Unity for Community

On Saturday, Lumbee Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin Jr., joined forces with Warpaint at the 16th Annual Saddletree Powwow. The beating of the drum stirred encouragement for those in attendance to participate in the friendship dance.

“Culture is community and when we come together around the drum in unity, peace, and love we promote just that,” Godwin stated. “Events such as the Saddletree Powwow help to provide sustainability among our communities and culture and with that I am proud to be in attendance.”

Warpaint is a drum group that was established in the summer of 2013 to showcase southeastern talent, as well as, community, cultural involvement and sobriety.

For more information, please contact the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina at 910-521-7861.

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