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Tree Planting Ceremony: June 11, 2015 at 7:00pm

Tree-planting ceremony Saturday at Lumbee Tribe’s Indian Cultural Center.

Evening program to highlight tribe’s centuries old struggle for full federal recognition, honor past tribal leaders who have led the fight for full federal recognition.

PEMBROKE – The Lumbee Tribe will hold a tree-planting ceremony Saturday evening at the tribe’s Cultural Center off Recreation Road in the Red Banks community near Pembroke.

Everyone is invited to the ceremony, which starts at 7 p.m.

Tuesday marked the 60th anniversary of the Lumbee Act of 1956 that gave the tribe partial federal recognition.

The tree-planting ceremony will honor tribal leaders like the late Rev. D.F. Lowry. He led the Lumbee Tribe’s recognition efforts during the first half of the last century.

Dozens of other Lumbee leaders worked tirelessly on behalf of the people for full federal recognition from the 1800s on. Those folks will be honored in the Saturday ceremony as well.

Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin and Tribal Councilman Jarrod Lowery will lead the ceremony. Lowery is chairman of the tribe’s federal recognition committee heading up efforts to get the tribe’s current bill approved.

“I encourage all Lumbee people to take part in the political process,” Lowery said. “The success of full federal recognition rest in part on the participation and input from the average Lumbee person.”

Lowery encourages tribal members to call, email and write their United States Congressman and Senator to ask for support for H.R. 184 and S. 2285.

“The success and prosperity of the Lumbee people does not hinge on the efforts of one person or a few, but on the ability for us to come together as a unified community and work toward a common goal such as full federal recognition,” Lowery said. “While we do honor, we cannot rest on the laurels of our ancestors, but put our best foot forward for future generations and for our children. Today, I call to action every Lumbee to do your civic duty and join the fight for full federal recognition.”

Lowery said they will plant the tree on the lake at the cultural center to symbolize a new beginning in the efforts toward full federal recognition.

“Everyone is encouraged to come out for the ceremonial tree planting as we recognize our tribal elders who have fought for our recognition. We anticipate a huge crowd for the event. God bless the Lumbee Tribe,” Councilman Jarrod Lowery said.

Additional information on the program will be available on Facebook, at on the web or by calling(910) 521-7861.

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