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Rehabilitation Program

The Rehabilitation Program is currently repairing the flooring in three rooms of an elder’s home located in District 13. In the bedroom, shown above, the sub-floor, although in good condition, was exposed in some places. Also, the floor covering was damaged (ripped and torn). A new laminate floor covering will replace the old, substandard flooring in this room. As shown in these pictures, the sub-floor will first be covered by laminate flooring underlayment. Then, the laminate wood flooring will be put down. Finally, the trim will be re-painted, and molding applied.

The flooring in the kitchen and living room of this home also will be repaired. When the current floor covering was pulled back in this area, certain parts of the sub-floor showed water damage. These damaged parts of the sub-floor will be replaced before a new floor covering is put in place.

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