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Tribal Council Committees

Economic Development Jarrod Lowery – Chair Corbin Eddings-Vice Chair Reginald Oxendine-Secretary Larry Chavis James Hunt Alvin Mercer Michael Chavis Ethics Barbara Lowery –Chair Vacant -Vice Chair Janet Locklear-Secretary Alvin Mercer Vacant Vacant Vacant Federal Recognition Jerrod Lowery-Chair Sharon Hunt-Vice Chair Anita Blanks Frank Cooper James Hunt Janie McFarland Ricky Burnett Finance Janie McFarland-Chair Sharon Hunt-Vice Chair Jan Lowery-Secretary Alvin Mercer Corbin Eddings Bobby Oxendine Anita Blanks Housing Annie Taylor-Chair Barbara Lowery-Vice Jan Lowery-Secretary Janet Locklear Sharon Hunt Larry Chavis Alvin Mercer

01-18-2018 Tribal Council Executive Committee and Committee Chairs nomination results.

Executive Committee Speaker – Anita Blanks Vice Chair – Bobby Oxendine Secretary – Jan Lowery Parliamentarian – Alton Locklear Treasurer – Janie McFarland Committee Chairs Constitution & Ordinance – Reginald Oxendine Economic Development – Jarrod Lowery Education, Culture & PR – Frank Cooper Ethics – Barbara Lowery Federal Recognition – Jarrod Lowery Health & Human Services – Jan Lowery Housing – Annie Taylor LNTP – Anita Blanks

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