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Veteran Services


Mission Statement

The mission of the Lumbee Tribe Veterans Service Office is to provide safe, sanitary and decent housing to enrolled members of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.


Program Overview:

A variety of important benefits and services are available to veterans and their families from the Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies.  The Service Officer can assist individuals in applying for:


  • VA Home loans

  • Down-Payment Assistance

  • VA health care benefits

  • Service-connected disabilities

  • Vocational rehabilitation and employment

  • Pensions

  • Certificate for home loans

  • Burial and memorial benefits

  • Dependents and survivor benefits and healthcare

  • Appeals of VA claims decisions

  • Order military records and medals


    We will maintain the highest ethical and moral standards by providing a service through which our society can express its gratitude to the men and women who continue to pay the price of our nation’s freedom.



    Lumbee Tribe Veterans Service Office

    P.O. Box 2709

    204 West 3rd Street

    Pembroke, N.C. 28372

    Telephone (910) 522.2210

    Alternate number (910) 521.7861

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    Energy Department Logo
    Housing Department 

    Mission Statement

    This mission of The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Housing Department is to provide affordable, safe, and sanitary housing options for eligible Lumbee Indian families in the service area of Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson and Scotland Counties. 


    Program Overview

    Rehabilitation Services – The Rehabilitation Department provides service for repairs, renovations, and/or replacement of existing sub-standard housing conditions for qualified low income tribal members.  The rehabilitation program is designed to eliminate sub-standard conditions that address health and safety housing issues.


    Contact Information:


    Bradley Locklear, Housing Director

    Phone: (910) 522.5161


    Janice Locklear, Housing Director

    HD Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (910) 522.5161


    **Applications must be completed at The Lumbee Tribal Administration Building. 

    Applications for Housing accepted daily Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.**


    Department of Energy


    Mission - Dept. of Energy 

    The mission of The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Department of Energy (DOE) is to serve as a service institution for American Indian families in Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson and Scotland counties by addressing household heating and cooling issues through safe, healthy and educational initiatives.


    Program Overview 

    Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEP)- The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEP) provides families and individuals with cash benefits toward their household heating and cooling source, the payment is sent directly to provider on their behalf.


    Contact Information


    Patrick Strickland, Manager

    Department of Energy

    Phone: (910) 522.2206


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    Lumbee Warriors Association

    All COMMUNITY CENTER RENTAL applications must be completed and returned to Mr. James Jones at the Tribal Office.

    Tribal Enrollment



    Tribal Rolls are CLOSED for NEW Enrollment, Accepting Updates Only.


    For information, call:

     (910) 521.7861 


    or visit our office at:

    6984 NC 711 West, Pembroke

    Mission Statement:  The mission of the Office of Tribal Enrollment and Records is to uphold tribal sovereignty and execute responsibilities of tribal enrollment as dictated by the Constitution of the Lumbee Tribe.  The office seeks to preserve for all time the Lumbee way of life by maintaining vital records provided by and for tribal members.  In doing so, the office is in keeping with the tribe’s desire to honor our ancestors and provide for future generations.


    The Enrollment and Records office is regulated by CLLO-2010-0121-01 An Act to Provide Tribal Enrollment Ordinance.  This ordinance is in accordance with Article II of the Lumbee Constitution.


    To qualify for membership with the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina (new or updating), applicants must have biological descent from one or more persons named on the tribe’s baserolls and maintain historical or present day contact.


    The rolls will close thirty (30) days prior to any Special or Regular Election (typically held in November) and will remain closed thirty (30) days after or until certification of the election.


    For more information regarding the enrollment process, please follow the links below:


    Youth Services




    Mission Statement

    The mission of The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Youth Services is to inspire youth in Indian Country, through cultural enlightenment, to realize their full potential regardless of their circumstances and to become caring, responsible tribal members.


    Program Overview

    The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Boys & Girls Clubs are open to all youth between the ages of 6 to 18 for a nominal membership fee for the school year and the summer session.  The club hours during the school year is 2pm-6pm and in the are summer 8:30am-5pm. 


    The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina will strive to:


  • Promote Unity

  • Provide a "Positive Place for Youth"

  • Have an environment where youth are able to celebrate life accomplishments with peers

  • Teach and promote cultural activities in the communities

  • Utilize the elders and other role models from the communities to teach the youth life long skills.


    Contact Youth Services for more information. 


    Dr. Rose Marie Lowry Townsend

    Youth Services Manager

    Phone: (910) 775.9071

    Onnette Jacobs,

    Administrative Specialist

    Phone: (910) 775.9071

    Ruth Cihla


    Phone: (910) 775.9071


    Tangelina Jarry,

    Assistant Manager

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    Tips & Recommendations
    New Enrollments
    Recertification / Replacement Cards
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    2019 Office Closures
    Employees / Staff

    Vocational Rehabilitation


    Mission Statement

    The mission of The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department is to provide vocational rehabilitation services to any tribal member with a disability living in the service area of Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson and Scotland Counties.  The objective of the program is to prepare for, obtain or retain gainful employment.  It is our goal to improve the quality of life for tribal members with disabilities.  


    Program Overview

    The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation program provides vocational rehabilitation services to any tribal member with a disability living in the tribal service area of Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson, or Scotland Counties. If you are a tribal member suffering from a physical disability, anxiety, depression, other mental health issues, substance or alcohol abuse, learning disabilities, trouble with hearing and/or vision, or other emotional/behavioral disabilities you may be eligible for services.  A tribal member may also qualify if he/she feels the disability affects their ability to attain or maintain employment.


    Celeste Hunt -  Program Director

    Terri Hunt -  Administrative Assistant

    (910) 521.4220



    6984 NC Hwy. 711 West  P.O. Box 236 Pembroke, NC 28372

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    Forms & Applications
    Enrollment Definitions
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    The Lumbee Tribe
    Aquatic Center

    Aquatic Center Logo


    The Lumbee Tribe Cultual Center 

    824 Terry Sanford Drive

    Maxton, NC 28364

    Reopen Date and Hours

    Coming Soon

    Admission:(CASH ONLY)
    $2 - Anyone with an Active Tribal Card
    $3 - Anyone without a Tribal Card



    It’s the goal of the Lumbee Tribe Support Services to provide clients with services that will enhance a healthier mindset and the skills to maintain a drug-free life.



    We have certified Peer Support Specialists and trained First Responders that will connect with clients in establishing post-overdose counseling. The Peer Support specialists will provide culturally sensitive services to assist clients in their recovery and retention of sobriety.




    Needs assessments with clients will be completed for; referral to.

    • Community Resources
      Supportive services for individuals going through recovery process.         


    • Talking Circles
      Share our truths with others in a safe and inclusive enviroment.         


    • Outdoor Activities
      Gardening & Fishing to help in establishing healthy habits.         


    • Native Herbal Healing
      Our clients will be introduced to using herbs as an alternative to prescription medication.         


    • Pow Wows
      Pow Wows provides an opportunity for us to meet and dance, sing, socialize, and honor their Lumbee culture.         


    • Cultural Enrichment
      Cultural Enrichment enables us to learn more about the ideas, beliefs, and traditions of the Lumbee people.


    204 West 3rd St.

    Pembroke, N.C. 28372

    Celeste Hunt - Program Director

    Kayron Maynor - Program Manager 


    For more information please call:

    910-316-1671 or 910-316-3057

    project 3C Logo

    Project 3C

    A partnership between the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, University of North Carolina at Pembroke,

    Public Schools of Robeson County, and Robeson Community College  


    Project 3C is a $3.6 million dollar United States Department of Education,

    Native Youth Community Program (NYCP) four-year grant

    awarded to the Lumbee Tribe to:

    provide American Indian students with experiences and skills necessary to: develop their self – efficacy; increase congruence between their interests and career choices; and broaden their college and career opportunities in STEM.

    Families and tribal communities will also be empowered to provide a supportive and

    informed environment that promotes student choice, success, and career exploration.

    Please connect to links below for more information or contact:

    Lumbee Tribe Project 3C Director, Rita J. Locklear (O) 910-522-2215



    Transportation to College and Career Class

    The grant assist with Transportation cost for Native American students to attend classes if necessary to Robeson Community College. The Public Schools of Robeson County coordinates this process.


    College and Career Class Textbooks

    The grant assist with Textbook cost for Native American students to participate in College and Career Ready  classes if necessary with Robeson Community College. The Public Schools of Robeson County coordinates this process.

    Project ACCESS Director - Rita J. Locklear

    Phone: (910)522-2215

    Lumbee Tribal

    Support Services

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