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Tribal Enrollment FAQs 

1. Who is Eligible for Lumbee Tribal Membership? Only individuals who have biological descent to one or more persons named on the tribe’s base rolls and who maintain historical or present day contact.  All current members and potential members must show that tribal contact is being maintained.


2.  What happens if I do not meet the criteria for enrollment?  If you do not meet the criteria for enrollment you will receive a decision letter and a petition to file an appeal with the Administrative Court via certified mail.  You have the option to appeal the adverse decision to the Administrative Court and you have sixty (60) days from the date of receipt to file the appeal.  If, for some reason the petition is not included, you may download it here.


3. Can I enroll via mail, email, or fax? No, tribal law requires that you apply in person in the office for purposes of enrollment. However, parents or legal guardians may apply for membership of any minor children in their custody and the minor children do not have to be present.


4. What are the required documents needed for enrollment by each applicant?  County issued certified* birth certificates that record parent(s) name(s), photo ID for adults (e.g. driver’s license), a certificate from the Lumbee History Culture Class, and a completed application.


5. Do I need to fill out an application on my minor child(ren)? If you are an enrolled parent, you may fill out the re-certification form and list your child under you. If you are a parent enrolling yourself and a minor child(ren), you would need to only fill out one application and then list your children under Section III of the enrollment application.


6. I already have the updated enrollment card. Do I need to get another one? Check the expiration date on your card. If it has expired or is getting ready to expire you need to update as soon as possible. If you are 55 and over and have an updated enrollment card, you are eligible to get the permanent card with the fifty (50) year expiration date and this can be done via mail.


7. Do I need my birth certificate to update my enrollment card? YES. You should always bring the county issued certified* birth certificate that lists parent(s) name(s), and photo ID when visiting the enrollment office for any purpose.


8. What if I am enrolled but cannot find my old tribal card? As long as you bring your photo ID and county issued certified* birth certificate that lists parent(s) name(s), we can access your membership file.


9. When can I come in to update my enrollment and get the new picture enrollment card*? Applicants are seen Monday through Friday with the exception of our Archiving Week from 8:00am 4:30 pm.  The Office of Tribal Enrollment and Records and all other tribal offices are closed in observance of all federal holidays, with the exception of Columbus Day.

*Before visiting the Office of Tribal Enrollment and Records, check our Office Closing section to verify that the office is open on the day of your visit; and if you are still not sure, you may contact enrollment staff at 910.522.5468.


10. Why do the rolls close? Lumbee Tribal Council always closes the Lumbee rolls 30 days prior to and after any Lumbee elections for verification purposes. Also, the Lumbee Tribal Council reserves the right to close the rolls periodically for maintenance or other reasons. Please check for closure notifications at


11. Is there a form I can fill out early to help speed the process up when I get into the office? Yes, we have now posted the Re-certification form and New Enrollment application online for individuals to download and print. The enrollment application is formatted to be printed on legal size paper. If you are unable to print it on legal size paper, please wait to complete it at the office.  


12. What if I have been adopted? If you are Lumbee by birth and have been adopted, you would need the original birth certificate that records the biological parent(s) name(s) and the amended birth certificate that records the adoptive parent(s) name(s). If you cannot get access to the original birth certificate, we will accept DNA evidence to prove biological descent. Please be advised that the Enrollment Office reserves the right to request DNA evidence from any applicant or member.


13. Who/What can I use for DNA testing? The enrollment office has a contract with LabCorp and we offer DNA testing at a reasonable price of $50 per person.  The testing can be done on-site at the Tribal Housing Complex or off-site at a facility closest to your residence.  DNA testing is used only to determine paternity or maternity (in the case of adoptions).  Do not try to schedule testing directly through LabCorp or they will charge you full price.  You would need to contact the enrollment office to schedule this testing.


*Certified birth certificates must be issued from the county of birth.  Birth certificates will only be accepted from the state when the county does not issue birth records.

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