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Tribal Enrollment Definitions 

1. Amended Birth Certificate – An amended birth certificate is a birth certificate issued when there is a change to the original record. Such changes occur when a child is adopted (and the adopting parent(s) are listed as parent(s) rather than the biological parent(s) or to correct errors (i.e. mis-spelling of name) on the original birth certificate.


2. Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) – A CIB is a certificate that gives the Lumbee blood degree of individuals who link back to the base rolls. It is primarily used by students applying for scholarships or any other program where proof of blood quantum is required. (This certificate cannot be used to apply for services, benefits, or privileges that are restricted to members of federally recognized tribes.)


3. Certificate of Tribal Enrollment (CTE) – In lieu of the tribal enrollment card the office can issue a certificate that is free to the member.


4. Certified Birth Certificate – Official birth certificate issued by the County Register of Deeds. For purposes of enrollment, we require the type of birth certificate that records the name(s) of parent(s).  Certified birth certificates must be issued from the county of birth.  Birth certificates will only be accepted from the state when the county does not issue birth records.

5. Enrollment Card – Photo ID Card given to enrolled tribal members that lists enrollment number, address, date card was issued, and seven (7) year expiration date.  A new addition to the card is the tribal voting district on the backside.

6. Lineage Chart – This is the family tree and is always filed as the first page of the Lumbee Tribal Enrollment Application.

7. Lumbee History Culture Class – Class that is provided for applicants, aged 18 and over, who are applying for tribal enrollment, individuals re-instating enrollment, or for non-Lumbee parents who are applying on behalf of their minor child.  The class is mandated by Ordinance CLLO-2010-0121-01 and provides information pertaining to the tribe’s history, culture and other significant facts.  It was created to show maintenance of tribal contact and, through it, the contact interview process was discontinued.

8. Permanent Enrollment Card – Photo ID Card given to enrolled members fifty-five (55) and older that also lists enrollment number, address, and date card was issued.  This card has a fifty (50) year expiration date.  A new addition to the card is the tribal voting district on the backside.

9. Restoration Fee – This fine must be paid prior to an enrolled member updating if their card has expired or they have never updated (minors will not be charged this fine).

10. Tribal Base Rolls – For purposes of enrollment, the primary base rolls are the 1900 and/or 1910 Federal Indian census records for Robeson and adjoining counties (excluding Columbus County, NC). For a complete listing click here and view Section 1(a) of the tribal enrollment ordinance. 

11. Tuition Waivers – For educational purposes, some states “waive” tuition for students attending post-secondary schools or institutions of higher education based on their blood degree. These waivers are commonly referred to as “tuition waivers.” To find out if your state offers tuition waivers, please contact the institution that you will be attending. Unfortunately, the Lumbee Tribe does not offer any educational scholarships or tuition waivers.

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