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You have 2 NEW ways to connect to your Lumbee Tribe of N.C. The Lumbee Tribe has partnered with Text My Gov to offer you 2 new ways to receive information.


        1- To get started, Opt - In by texting the word LUMBEE to 91896. After the initial keyword is sent,                 you will receive a confirmation message asking you to reply YES to verify opt-in. Message and                 data rates may apply. This options offers you the ability to receive Lumbee Tribal Alerts.You                     will receive the latest information on upcoming Tribal Events.


         2-To get started TEXT "Hi" to (910)-668-4068 or other key words such as CONTACT,                                   ENROLLMENT, TRIBAL COUNCIL, CONSTITUTION, MAT SERVICES, HOUSING OR                             ENERGY. New words will be added as this platform evolves. This option answers to your                         questions.

TextMyGov Flyer
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