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The Lumbee Housing Complex is busy today!

The Lumbee Tribal Housing Complex is especially busy today as our Lumbee Tribal Citizens visit to update, enroll and get information before the Lumbee Tribal Enrollment Office closes on Friday to prepare for the November election. Today Tribal Chairman Lowery had an opportunity to visit and talk about some tribal history with 92-year-old Bill Cummings. Mr. Bill stopped in after driving down from Virginia Beach to visit with his sister. He is the son of Oscar Cummings. He moved to Virginia Beach in 1961. His family is from the Sandy Plains and Mount Airy community.

In accordance with Tribal Law, The Tribal Enrollment and Records Department will close for updates and new enrollments on October 13, 2023, which is 30 days prior to Tribal elections and will open back up 30 days after the Election is certified by the Lumbee Tribe Election Board.


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