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Maryland State Sen. Johnny Ray Salling Updates Enrollment

Maryland State Senator Johnny Ray Salling joined a delegation of Lumbee from Baltimore, Maryland who traveled to Pembroke on Tuesday to update their enrollment or enroll with the Lumbee Tribe of N.C. Senator Salling is a Maryland State Senator, representing Baltimore County for the past eight years. Today the Lumbee Tribal Office also welcomed tribal members from Texas and Florida. The Lumbee Tribal Enrollment Rolls will close on October 8th in preparation for the November Lumbee Tribal Election. Senator Salling’s mother is from the Saddletree Community. While renewing his enrollment, Senator Salling also spoke to Interim-Tribal Administrator Tammy Maynor. He received a Lumbee Tribe mask. Salling said that he will wear it on the Senate floor to show his peers who the Lumbee Tribe is and his support for federal recognition of the Lumbee People.


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