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Lumbee Tribe of N.C. Receives Grant from NC Governor’s Crime Commission to Fight Violence and Support Victims

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Lumbee Tribe of N.C
. Receives Grant from NC Governor’s Crime Commission to Fight Violence

Pembroke, NC (March 26, 2024) - Women and children experiencing domestic violence have a new advocate within the Lumbee Tribal Territory. This week, Melissa Hunt, END Project Coordinator will be reaching out to Lumbee Tribe of N.C. Community partners to share information and spread the word about a new tool to help victims of violence. The program, Enlightening Native Daughters or (END) program, is a $198,000 grant to provide safety, support, intervention, court advocacy and direct services to American Indian women and children suffering from sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking across the four-county tribal territory. The funding for the program came from the N.C. Department of Public Safety, Governor’s Crime Commission through the VAWA – Violence Against Women Act.

Erica Locklear, END Program Manager, said domestic violence and sexual abuse among Lumbee people has become a problem of epic proportions that affects both our elderly and young females. “Domestic violence numbers have continued to increase across our tribal territory,” said Locklear. “Our work to end violence against women requires every community member to break through denial and realize that battering is occurring in epic proportions in our communities. We must work together to find ways to weaken a batterers’ opportunity and empower our women.”

See full attached Press Release. 


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