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Lumbee Tribal Chairman Godwin and Chairman-Elect Lowery Travel to Washington

Lumbee Tribal Chairman Godwin and Chairman-Elect Lowery Travel to Washington in Historic Trip as part of Transition Process

On Wednesday, Lumbee Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin, Jr. and Chairman-Elect John Lowery traveled to Washington, DC to meet with Lawmakers and the Lumbee Tribal lobbyists Dentons and Powers. The trip is part of a first of its kind transitional strategy between the Lumbee Chairman and the Chair-Elect. In Washington, Godwin, Lowery and Lumbee Legal & Compliance Officer Danielle McLean, met with the N.C. Delegation, Committee Members, the Senate Committee of Indian Affairs and the Subcommittee of Indigenous Affairs.

Chairman Harvey Godwin, Jr. said the trip is a continuation of meetings, which began two weeks ago to begin the transition of power in the executive branch of the Lumbee Tribal Government. “Part of my exit strategy is to have a true transition from the Godwin to the Lowery Administration, which would involve and explain all of our Lumbee Services as well as give him an opportunity to meet the staff and leadership who administer these services,” said Godwin.

During the recent meetings, Lowery was presented a full report about each Lumbee Tribe Department from the leaders who oversee the programs. “The Chair-elect also had a chance to see what our staff has done over the past 6 years and on-going projects which are continuing into the Lowery Administration,” said Godwin.

Chairman-Elect John Lowery will be sworn-in as the new Lumbee Tribal Leader on Thursday, January 6, 2022. Lowery said the trip offered an opportunity to discuss Full Federal Recognition, housing issues, FEMA as well as other issues that affect the tribe. “I appreciate the opportunity to travel to Washington with Chairman Godwin to visit with lawmakers, who are vitally important to the continued work that we have with the Lumbee Tribe of N.C.,” said Lowery. “I look forward to working with our friends in Congress as we continue to strengthen our government to government relationship with the United States.”

Chairman Godwin said he is appreciative to Chairman-Elect Lowery for being open to a collaboration for the transition on behalf of the Lumbee People. “The transition is important to the continuity of Lumbee Programs and services,” said Godwin.


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