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Installation of Emergency Generators by M-R Electric

This week, the Lumbee Tribe of N.C. began the installation process of installing 8 emergency generators across the Lumbee Tribal Territory. The generators will be placed at each existing Lumbee Tribe Boys & Girls Clubs and community center buildings throughout Lumbee tribal communities. The generators will assist with outreach in emergency situations such as electricity outage due to storms.

Following Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence, Lumbee Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin, Jr. installed the first two emergency generators at the Pembroke Boys & Girls Club and the Lumbee Tribal Housing Complex in the fall of 2019. The generators will allow the tribal staff to continue to operate and distribute assistance to people in need such as food and supplies.

Lumbee Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin, Jr. said that since Hurricane Matthew the Lumbee Tribal government learned to establish rescue, relief and recovery efforts. “We are now in the stages of resiliency, all through the two hurricanes and now the pandemic,” said Godwin. “We learned we must have power to operate with our corporate partners LREMC and Duke Energy to make sure that our staff could serve the needs of the people. This plan makes it possible for every tribal building to have a generator for future disaster relief situations.”

The new generators are being installed at Southern Spirit Boys & Girls Club, Two Streams Boys & Girls, Four Winds Boys & Girls, Hawkeye Boys & Girls, Scotland County Boys & Girls, First Nation Boys & Girls and the Soaring Eagle Community Center, Lumbee Lodge Community Center

M - R Electric is the contractor installing the Emergency Generators. The units should be installed by mid- October. This is part of the Lumbee Tribe Emergency Rescue Plan that was implemented during the recent hurricanes. The Lumbee Tribal Housing multi-year plan is to also install generators at any future buildings that may be established.


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