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Dr. Dalton Brooks III Updating his Tribal Enrollment Before Enrollment Rolls Close

The Lumbee Tribal Enrollment Rolls close today to prepare for the Tribal Election. Along with the hundreds of people updating and enrolling at the Lumbee Tribal Housing Complex today, was a young man with a very familiar name. He is Dr. Dalton Brooks III. While visiting with the applicants and members, Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin, Jr. took a few minutes to talk with him about his grandfather and namesake. His grandfather, Dr. Dalton, was the chairman of the LSDC Lumbee Self Determination Committee, which was the foundational committee for the Lumbee Constitution and the present-day Lumbee Government. A lifelong educator, Dr. Dalton Sr. was very instrumental in Lumbee Tribal Government as well as in education and ministry. His grandson Dalton is following in his father Peter’s footsteps. He is also a dentist.


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