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Congratulations to all during the November Tribal Council Business Meeting

Congratulations to Pembroke Middle School 8th grader Madison Riley Locklear for winning first place in the Lumbee Tribe Art Competition. She was recognized at the November Lumbee Tribal Council business meeting. Madison drew a Dreamcatcher. Madison also received a certificate and $100.

Congratulations to Dr. Shelly Lowery Strickland and Dr. Andrea Blackburn, who were both sworn in Thursday night to the Lumbee Tribe Health Board. Dr. Strickland is from the Harpers Ferry community. Dr. Blackburn is from Lumberton, but has deep ties to the Prospect Community. Also congratulations to RD Locklear, from the Mt. Airy Community, who was sworn in to the Lumbee Tribe Constitution Reform Committee.

Chairman Lowery gave an update to the Tribal Council about Federal Recognition, recent Lumbee representation at the Native Veterans Memorial Opening, recent unveilings, and upcoming programs and activities.

Dr. Lawrence Locklear, UNCP Director of Student Inclusion and Diversity as well as faculty in AIS, brought his Lumbee History and Culture class to the November Tribal Council meeting. His students have been learning about the Lumbee Tribe, Lumbee Culture and the Tribal government. The Lumbee Tribal Council recognized the class which included Cindy Paul, Jared Jacobs, Regan Locklear, Benjamin Clark, Jay Locklear and Unmai Arokiasamy.


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