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Chairman’s Monthly Report | April 2023

Chairman’s Monthly Report | April 2023 Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina People of the Dark Water Dear Lumbee People, In April, we held our first annual “Lumbee Day at the General Assembly”, bringing Lumbee culture and history to Raleigh. The day saw Lumbee artisans on display, friendship dances with lawmakers, and we were able to honor legislative leaders with gifts made by children from our Boys & Girls Club. During this event, the North Carolina House of Representatives passed a resolution encouraging the United States Congress to pass the Lumbee Fairness Act, which will give our people full federal recognition. We will continue to hold Lumbee Days each year as a reminder to state leaders of our ongoing contributions to the state, while also strengthening our government to government relationship with North Carolina. On April 27th, we honored our high school and college graduates with our Honor Cord Ceremony. With over 200 students participating, parents and loved ones looked on as each student was given a Honor Cord, a symbol of the Lumbee Tribe, which showed our appreciation to those who have worked so hard to achieve the title of graduate. Mrs. Shelia Cummings served as the event’s keynote. She talked to our graduates about our resiliency as a tribe and their ability to achieve their goals with hard work and determination, just like our ancestors. Another generation of educated Lumbee citizens, I am so proud of each of them! The Lumbee Tribe was a proud sponsor of this year’s Region 7 American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) conference, which was held at Robeson Community College (RCC). We had numerous staff members to present during the conference and I had the honor of providing remarks at the closing banquet. As a former member of AISES, I appreciate the leadership of RCC to host this conference, while providing invaluable networking and learning opportunities for these students. AISES is an integral organization for American Indian students looking to have a career in a STEM field. Congratulations to everyone who made this conference a success. As we look toward the summer months I hope to see you at the upcoming events. Lumbee Day at the Woodpeckers - June 14, 2023 | Segra Stadium, 460 Hay St., Fayetteville, NC Senior Ms. Lumbee pageant – June 23, 2023 at GPAC Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Gala -- July 1, 2023 at the 402 Venue Chairman’s State of the Tribe Address July 6, 2023 at Pembroke Boys & Girls Club Lumbee Tribal Holdings Share Holder Meeting -- July 7, 2023 at Pembroke Boys & Girls Club Thank you for allowing me to be your Chairman. I love you all, John L. Lowery Chairman


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