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Chairman Lowery recently visited Raleigh to meet with NC's Lawmakers and Administration Officals

Lumbee Tribal Chairman Lowery recently visited Raleigh to meet with North Carolina Lawmakers and Administration officials. House Speaker Tim Moore recognized Chairman Lowery during the North Carolina House's Annual meeting in the historic Capitol Building. Later in the day, Senate Leader Phil Burger and Senator Danny Britt also recognized Chairman Lowery on the floor of the North Carolina Senate. Chairman Lowery met with Department of Administration Secretary Pamela Cashwell (Lumbee/Coharie) to discuss numerous items and how they relate to the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. Chairman Lowery said, "We had very productive meetings with elected and appointed officials during our time in Raleigh. Our relationships and continued networking will lead to a number of successes for the Lumbee people in the future."


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