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The Office of Tribal Enrollment and Records is now accepting applications for new enrollments

The Office of Tribal Enrollment and Records is now accepting applications for new enrollments. Due to a change in the ordinance on tribal enrollment, the enrollment process has changed. Individuals still have to show descent to someone on the base rolls, and we use county issued certified birth certificates that record parents’ names to prove descent.

The change that has occurred pertains to tribal contact. There are two types of tribal contact: historic and present-day. Historic contact is determined when an applicant attended a school that was all Indian prior to desegregation, or they are/was a member of a historical Lumbee church. The major change is in determining present-day contact. In the past, there was an interview that was given to applicants asking about their knowledge of Lumbee history and culture. The interview is no longer being given. However, an applicant, aged 18 and over, has to attend a historic culture class before completing the application for enrollment. After the class is completed a certificate of completion will be issued and the applicant will bring this so that it can be copied and placed in their file.

At this time, the historic culture class is being offered every Monday at 6:30PM until October 11, 2019, with the exception of September 2, Labor Day. The class is being held at the Pembroke Boys and Girls club and it is separate from the regular culture class that is already being held there. Parents who are already enrolled with minors, aged 0-17, who need to be enrolled do not have to attend the culture class. The re-certification form would need to be completed on the parents and the child would be enrolled under them; the parents would need to furnish the child’s county issued certified birth certificate that records parents’ names.

For additional information on the process, please call 910-522-5468.

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