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March 22, 2017: Lumbee Heritage Elders Court, a ten unit complex owned and managed by the Lumbee Tribe and located in Scotland County, hosted an update from Chairman Harvey Godwin and other staff. Tribal Council Representative Shelley Strickland was also in attendance. Department of Energy Manager Patrick Strickland, introduced Ms. Sylvia Harris, who has been hired under a new grant program - Senior Solutions - to transport elders to medical appointments, grocery stores, banks, and other areas as identified by the group. Mr. Mark Strickland, Security Officer with the Tribe's Security Program, explained the purpose of the Security Program and how it would impact all properties managed and/or owned by the Lumbee Tribe. Chairman Godwin wrapped up the meeting with an update on all the activities the Tribe is involved in and upcoming events such as the annual Powwow, Strike at the Wind Production, community garden, and his vision to see that the Tribe gains full federal recognition. We want to thank Grace Kelly Deese-Oxendine, 37 Stock/Elders Housing Manager and Trinia Locklear, Lumbee Heritage Elders Court Manager for hosting this event and allowing interaction with our elders at this site.

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