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Elders Receive Security Briefing

Located in the Fairmont community, Heritage Haven Apartments provides Lumbee elders with safe and affordable housing and a place to call home.

Residents of the 32 apartments had an opportunity to meet Mr. Timothy Oxendine, Security Supervisor of the Tribe's security team. After introductions, Mr. Oxendine explained the Tribe's security program and how it would impact the safety and well being of not only Heritage Haven Apartments, but all properties owned and/or managed by the Lumbee Tribe. Mr. Oxendine shared general safety guidelines, residential lighting issues, Buddy First Aid, CPR, home safety, i.e., locking doors, windows, drop cord dangers, space heater hazards, rugs, and other safety concerns elders need to be aware of and pay attention to.

The residents responded to a Question and Answer period and were delighted to receive the contact information of the security team on magnets they could mount to their refrigerators. Mr. Oxendine stated that he started receiving calls before he could exist the property. The elders expressed appreciation for this added layer of protection provided by the Tribe.

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