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Fort Bragg Cultural Presentation

On November 29, 2016, the Department of the Army invited the Lumbee Tribe to give a cultural presentation at the Iron Mike Conference Center in Fort Bragg, N.C. during their 2016 National Native American Observance. Several tribal members and staff attended the event and provided a cultural presentation that included singing and dancing. The Army presented the Lumbee Tribe with a bronze sculpture of a soldier to demonstrate their appreciation of the Tribe's support. This bronze figure is on display behind the front desk at the Tribal Housing Complex. The Lumbee Tribe is honored to demonstrate our culture and proud of the tremendous record of military service among our people.

Cultural demonstrators pictured here include Taylor Mullin, Sierra Mullin, Nakya Leviner, Bo Goins, and Kaya Littleturtle. Reggie Brewer, although not pictured here, also participated in the presentation.

Cultural Demonstrations.

Cultural Demonstrations.

Cultural Director Reggie Brewer used the target pictured here to demonstrate the use of a blowgun during the presentation. The target is filled with darts made from thistles. Blowguns were used when hunting small game and to teach a child to hunt before the child could handle a bow and arrow. The blowgun is made from river cane that was plentiful in the swamps of the southeast.

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