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New Home for the Deese Family

The work is almost done on Donald and Roshawna Deese’s new home on Preston Road in the Preston community near Pembroke. Lumbee tribal contractors put the finishing touches on the driveway earlier today. Anthony Holden is the tribe’s director of new construction. He said work on the house should be completed in about two more weeks. Construction of the 1,537-square-foot home began March 9. Roshawna Deese said she was pleased with the progress contractors have made. She said she seriously considered selecting house plan No. 7 before deciding on plan No. 8 earlier this year. “This was the plan I liked when I first saw it,” Deese said. “It was a difficult decision because I liked things about both of them. I just think it’s beautiful.”The Deese family lived in a 14x70 two-bedroom two bath mobile home with their three children. She said they added a new room about five years ago. The new home has four bedrooms and two baths. And, the home features one special amenity that greatly influenced Deese’s decision to select plan No. 8 in the end.“I love the front porch,” she said. “That’s what got me. And, I like the fact that it has four bedrooms. I wanted one for each child.”Patrick Lowery was the contractor on the home. She said he has been great to work with throughout the building process. Lowery is a veteran builder who has worked for the tribe for several years.“Patrick is a good contractor,” Roshawna Deese said. “We couldn’t ask for anything better. We have no complaints. Everything has been good.”Despite the rainy weather this spring, construction workers have managed to keep the project on track, according to New Housing Director Anthony Holden.And, Deese has made several changes to the original plans, including getting an upgrade on stainless steel sinks, countertops, cabinets and light fixtures. She said she went with all LED lighting, which cost more.To compensate for the added expenses, she has agreed to pay for her own appliances. For now, she is ready to move into her new home.She is looking forward to playing with her children on the plush living room carpet.“It’s been a long time coming,” she said with a wide smile. “I can’t wait.”For more information on qualifying for a new home through the Lumbee Tribe’s New Housing program, call Director Anthony Holden or Housing Manager Kathy Locklear at (910) 521-8621 or visit on web.

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