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Kaya Littleturtle prepares to do an honor song.

Kaya Littleturtle prepares to do an honor song at the Lumbee Tribe’s Cultural Center on Friday. Little turtle is one of dozens of local dancers and tribal performers who will be participating in the tribe’s annual Dance of the Spring Moon Powwow from May 6-8 at the Lumbee Tribe’s Cultural Center.

This is the first time the powwow has been held at the Cultural Center in more than 10 years. Littleturtle said he is excited to see the powwow back where it belongs. “This is a historic place for our people,” Littleturtle said. “I think it’s important for us to have our celebration on the grounds of our ancestors. It just feels great that we are going to be able to come out to the Cultural Center to celebrate our culture and heritage. I’m really looking forward to it.” Thousands of people are expected to attend this year’s event. There will be plenty of dancers, vendors selling authentic arts and crafts, and lots of food including the ever-popular collard sandwiches and funnel cakes.

For more information about the Dance of the Spring Moon Powwow, call the Lumbee Tribe at (910) 521-7861 or visit on the Lumbee tribes website.

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