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New Enrollment Card Featuring Chairman Godwin’s Signature Now Available

PEMBROKE — Lumbee tribal enrollment cards now have a new distinguishing feature.

The signature of newly elected Chairman Harvey Godwin Jr., prominently displayed on the reverse side of the card.

Tribal members can obtain a new card at the Tribal Housing Complex on NC 711 in Pembroke.

Godwin was sworn-in to office on January 7. Since then he has been busy transitioning as the leader of the tribal government.

Tribal Enrollment began issuing the membership cards with an expiration date and photo during

Lumbee Homecoming 2002.

Tribal members must update their cards every seven years in order to keep their enrollment active. Cards must be active in order to vote in tribal elections or to receive services.

Tribal members who are 55 and older receive a “permanent” card, which does not have an expiration date.

Tribal members can request an updated card with Godwin’s signature even though their card has not expired. Godwin’s signature will appear on all enrollment cards during his three-year term in office.

The fee for enrollment card is $5. Cards for members’ 62 and older are free.

There was an outpouring of members taking an active role in their government during the recent tribal election and the hope is this will continue with the new tribal government in place.

If you have any questions about the new Enrollment Cards, call the Tribal Enrollment Office at (910) 521-7861, ext. 252.



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