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Council approves Administrative Court nominees

The Lumbee Tribal Council voted unanimously on November 19 to approve the nominations of Gary Deese and Alton Hagans to serve on the Tribal Administrative Court.

Deese was appointed to serve a five-year term. He replaces Welford Clark. Hagans was re-appointed to the court.

Robeson County Superior Court Judge Greg Bell administered the oath of office to Judge Deese and Judge Hagans.

There are five members who serve on the Administrative Court. The others are Chief Judge Rodney Nichols, Judge Fedelia Locklear and Judge Karen Goins Kueny.

According to the Lumbee Constitution, the Tribal Administrative Court was established to provide due process and further protect the rights of tribal members, and designed to ensure tribal members are treated equally through the administration of tribal programs. The Tribal Administrative Court hears cases dealing with the administrative issues such as housing, enrollment, and energy assistance.

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